Saturday, March 15, 2014

7DRL Challenge 2014 Day 7 - Success!

Day seven is finished and so is the game
new for this final edition:
More monsters and changed monster stats
can no longer increase defense upon level up
5 stat points per level
increased starting hp for player
fixed ranged items
added ammo to ranged items
healing items now heal a percent
minimum damage of 1 for all attacks
chest are walkable and now open by pressing o while on top instead of using mouse
examine function with descriptions for items and monsters
tweaked chest item amount and chest amount per level
added message responses for levelling
tweaked defense values for armor
victory screen and condition

The balance may still be off, I'm not sure if its actually a beatable game, but people are welcome to try. There may also be some bugs especially in later game content. I will fix any bugs that pop up but I will not likely mess with balance or game features anymore

download link:
python version for non-windows:
uses python 2.7 and libtcod 1.5.1

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