Saturday, March 8, 2014

7DRL Day 1

Started today at about 3 AM slept, then got up and did some more.
Used a skeleton from following the libtcod python roguelike tutorial here to start off
Added in:
item/monster progression
more efficient item/monster placement
monsters may drop items on death
corpses and items and stairs stay on screen once seen even if they're out of fov
monsters will go to where they last saw the player if the player leaves their sight ( might eventually have monsters with different fov's)
changed colors to brown (maybe its a cave)
changed wolf and berry colors to be more visible on new background
changed berry default spawn amount
added possibility for equipment with bonus stat handling as well
can use arrow keys to move too now

to do:
think of a setting/theme
implement base damage and new stat system(dex + to min atk, str + to max atk)
implement randomly generated equips
implement level system
more items/monsters
allow monsters to have inventories
varied monster ai
further simplify monster/item creation
allow player to name themselves
figure out why it crashed once
why are there so many copies of savegame
make all player actions use a turn

here's a screenshot:

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